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PPC Management & Optimisation

Need to make your online ad spend work harder? Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is great but can end up costing you a lot of money for very little return. You need some PPC optimisation. That’s what we do, our digital team offer a full PPC management service which includes ongoing optimisation and reporting on a monthly basis.

Our Google AdWords certified staff are friendly, proficient and have experience managing PPC accounts with budgets up to $50,000 per month. We work with clients in a range of industries, ranging from the local builder, to large corporate eCommerce clients.

Ongoing management of PPC is vital in order to achieve your marketing goals, whether you are looking to increase sales, improve brand awareness, drive enquiries, encourage interactions (e.g. Downloads) or simply increase website traffic. As a digital marketing agency, we look at how PPC fits in with your overall marketing strategy, rather than just taking a single channel approach so that we are able to achieve the maximum ROI from your marketing activities.

PPC Pricing

25% of Ad Spend $390 / Setup and Research Fee

Up to 1000 keywords targeted
Competitor Research
Detailed understanding of your business
Industry analysis
Unique Selling Points leverage
Dedicated technical PPC consultant
Strategic bid management
Ad campaign copywriting
Ad performance testing and improving
On-going keyword development and testing

Monthly PPC Management & Optimisation

We’ll keep refining it and letting you know about it (ongoing optimisation and monthly reporting). What do we actually do?

  • Expand/refine keyword lists
  • Review/test kw match types
  • Identify negative keywords
  • Ad copy variation testing
  • Manage bid strategies
  • Using ad extensions (where appropriate)
  • Review landing pages/ edit content to improve quality (where appropriate)
  • Monitor and improve ad quality scores
  • Restructure PPC campaigns (where necessary)
  • Create a workable and high-quality strategy for your campaign
  • Reorganise or construct your PPC account with regards to best practices
  • Carry out on-going testing, optimisation
  • Monthly reporting
  • ROI analysis
  • Location targeting

PPC Review & One-Off Optimisation

Our ‘one-off optimisation’ service is here to get things kick started for new clients who arrive at our door with a PPC already running but are struggling with poor performance or providing a negative ROI. We will assess your PPC account on an individual basis and provide some sound feedback and a no-obligation quote to re-structure and optimise your AdWords PPC account.

After that, we’ll keep it clean, optimised and moving with the trends with on-going PPC Management. But if you prefer to to manage it in-house we’ll be here to offer support and advice on to your team as and when you need help.

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Our tailor made solutions are created and cultivated to accurately mesh with our clients methodology, protocols and approach to business.


If you wish to receive our latest news in your email box, just subscribe to our newsletter. We won’t spam you, we promise!


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